“The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Serbia is expected in October or November, Ambassador of Russia to Belgrade Alexander Cepurin said in Chortanovka today.

He said that before the visit of Putin to Belgrade, hundreds of representatives of Russian authorities and businessmen from Russia will arrive in Serbia.

Chepurin reminded that Serbia and Russia have good cooperation, but also great unused opportunities that need to be improved.

‘We have good political relations and we expect here in President Putin’s Serbia in October and November,’ Chepurin told reporters at the construction site of the tunnel Čortanovci, within the future fast-track Belgrade-Budapest.” (translated from Politika)

The Kremlin has not yet decided on a possible visit by President Vladimir Putin to Serbia and France, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today.

Answering the question of journalists whether the date of Putin’s visit to Serbia is known, Peskov answered negatively, Tas reported.

‘No, for now not,’ Peskov said.

When asked if preparations for this visit began, he said that ‘for now it is not clear.“‘ (translated from Politika)