“Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska (Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Srpska) in the past three dayssanctioned 284 persons for minor offenses in the field of traffic safety for blocking roads over fuel prices.

Today, they are appealing to citizens who participate in public gatherings every day in protest of the price of oil derivatives, to do so in accordance with the Law on Public Assembly and in places determined by the decision of the city or municipality as places where it is possible to gather citizens.

Police officers of the RS Ministry of Interior, as they say, will not allow the blockade of main, regional and local roads to be blocked, as traffic blocking and blocking of roads interfere with the normal travel of citizens, because of which they express dissatisfaction. Also, the normal functioning of services, such as ambulance, fire service, police and other vehicles, are also hindered.” (translated from Klix)