“When it comes to what happened in Srebrenica, it is necessary to avoid euphemism,  precisely name things and say that it is a genocide, the European Parliament said Tuesday at a round table organized on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of genocide in this town in eastern Bosnia.

European representatives from the Liberal Representative Club Jozo Rados and Jasenko Selimovic organized a round table on the topic with the question: ‘Can art build bridges where politicians can not?’

The role and achievements of art in the process of reconciliation in the former Yugoslavia were discussed by the Serbian dramatist Borka Pavicevic, the Kosovo journalist Veton Surroi, his Swedish counterpart Goran Rosenberg and the Croatian theater director Aleksandra Sasa Broz.

As part of the commemoration of victims of genocide in Srebrenica, the European Parliament has set up an exhibition of photographs that, according to their author, a photo reporter of the Reuters news agency Dado Ruvić, ‘they speak for themselves a silent story about the loss, the powerlessness, the lost, the search, the never missing hope, but the most about the true pain of unhealthy wounds'” (translated from N1)