“The Serbian state is in the “worst moment” of its recent political history.

At least that’s what an ultranationalist political group and its thousands of members in the landlocked Balkan country of around 7 million believe.

And while the Zavetinici, or Oath Keepers, failed to make their mark in terms of votes in March 4 municipal elections in Belgrade, nationwide their profile is increasing as they ride a wave of far-right nationalist sentiment that has washed over the United States and Europe.

‘The Zavetnici movement has its prime ratings during the election period. During this period this movement is very visible in the media and very active, much more than in non-election periods,’ said Ivo Colovic, direction of operations at The Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) in Belgrade, a nonprofit that seeks to encourage democratic institutions and the rule of law.

‘Since we had five major elections in last six years, this can be one of the reasons that they seem more relevant today than before,’ Colovic added, noting that the movement remains far from any decision-making process in the country.” (RFE/RL)