“A meeting between senior Kosovar and EU officials has ended in acrimony over tariffs imposed by Pristina on imports from Serbia and the bloc’s delays to enact visa-free travel for Kosovars.

The annual meeting of the EU-Kosovo Stabilization and Association Council, held in Brussels on December 17, ended without a joint press conference.

A source who attended the meeting told RFE/RL that the Kosovar delegation expressed frustration that the EU hadn’t granted the country’s citizens the right to enter the EU without a visa.” (RFE/RL)

“Kosovo’s prime minister said Monday the country feels betrayed by the European Union, which it is aspiring to join one day, because of the bloc’s delays on enacting visa-free travel for its citizens.

Ramush Haradinaj’s comments came in a speech he made in Brussels at a meeting with senior EU officials.

Kosovo’s citizens ‘feel betrayed and disillusioned with the EU,’ he said. ‘Time is not our friend. We should see concrete progress.'” (AP)

“Main results

The third EU-Kosovo Stabilisation and Association Council reviewed the state of relations between the EU and Kosovo.

Concerning the relations under the Stabilisation and Association process, the participants discussed in particular:

  • the political criteria
  • the economic criteria
  • financial cooperation
  • the implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement

The European Union and representatives from Kosovo also had an exchange of views regarding developments in the Western Balkans.” (European Union)

“The Stabilisation and Association Council between the European Union and Kosovo held its third meeting on 17 December 2018 in Brussels. The Stabilisation and Association Agreement is at the core of the relationship between the EU and Kosovo. It offers Kosovo an opportunity for sustainable progress and rapprochement with the Union, in line with the European perspective of the region, and creates trade and investment opportunities.

At today’s meeting recent key developments relating to the fulfilment of the political criteria, as well as the state of play concerning the economic criteria, financial cooperation and the implementation of the SAA were reviewed.

The European Union underlined the importance of the continued and effective implementation of the SAA, as well as contractual obligations including in the area of trade and customs. The EU deeply regretted the government’s unilateral tariff increases on imports from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the imposition of non-tariff barriers, and insisted on their immediate revocation. The introduction of these tariffs damages the economic interests of Kosovo and its people, reducing trade flows and diminishing Kosovo’s attractiveness as a place for investment and business. Any impediments to trade should be resolved within the appropriate fora and mechanisms, with the constructive participation of all sides concerned, in a spirit of regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations.” (EU Press Statement)