“Real estate prices in Croatia are up 4% from the same period last year, according to a study of 156,000 active properties for sale on the country’s biggest online real estate selling site njuškalo.hr.

Apartment prices were up 6% from July 2017, while house prices were 4% more expensive from the same period last year.

‘News that prices have passed those from 2011 means that the real estate crisis in Croatia is well behind us and that even a ‘boom’ is ahead of us in the near future,’ Njuskalo, which is the largest online real estate selling site with more than 3 million visitors, says.

Property prices in the major cities have been growing over the last 12 months. In Zagreb, the current average price per square metre for an apartment is 1,873 euros, up 9% from the same period last year. Prices per square metre for houses in Zagreb were up just 1%.” (Croatia Week)