Following the request of the Montenegrin Special Prosecutor’s Office and the publication of their testimonies by the Russian Military Intelligence Service (GRU), Eduard Shishmakov and Vladimir Popov, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia decided to respond positively to the old request of the Spatial Prosecutor’s Office of Montenegro.

According to the portal, this is a serious hint of Moscow’s policy change towards Montenegro where a group of 14 people are being tried for an attempted terrorist attack. Shishmakov and Popov are at the head of the list and are being tried in absentia.

The significance of this move by the Russian Prosecutor’s Office is not in the very content of the statements of the Russian agents (they denied the involvement in subversive action towards Montenegro), but in the recognition of the Russian authorities that they exist, that one has two valid passports with two different surnames (Shirokov / Shishmakov) they met with a Witness associate at the Podgorica trial, Sasa Sindjelic. Both in Moscow and Belgrade, where their meetings were documented by the BIA.” (translated from