“The citizens of Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica will host the ‘Justice for David and Dzenan’ protest on October 5, demanding the Bosnian authorities solve these cases and to protect children in all parts of BiH.

The holding of the gatherings was confirmed today in the Krajina Square, when the citizens of Banja Luka gathered together for the 191st time, citing the question ‘Who killed David?’ Holding fists in the air, they said that after October 5, nothing will be the same.

Davor Dragicevic, David’s father, has stood still for a few days with a candlelight candle and does not speak. Others are telling him, those who knew David, but also those who are scared of their children in this world.

For the 5th of October, large gatherings have been announced in, for now, the four cities of BiH. In Sarajevo, the gathering will be led by Muriz Memic, who is looking for answers to the questions ‘Who killed his son, Dzenan,’ and bring the responsible people to justice.” (translated from Klix)