“‘The message that I bring from the European Union is that we have recognized Serbia’s progress, and that we recognize the fact that Serbia is a bridge to other countries which is why it is important for the country to grow closer to the EU,’ said Antonio Tajani, the Speaker of the European Parliament, who is currently on an official visit to Serbia.

After meeting with the Speaker of the Serbian National Parliament, Maja Gojkovic, he said that they had a useful and successful discussion on the contributions and the progress in Serbia’s accession process.

 ‘I think we are on the right track,’ Tajani said, adding that Serbia is a big European country in terms of culture, tradition and identity, which facilitates the country’s accession to the EU which he hoped would happen sooner later than later.

The EP Speaker also underlined that, given the current situation, Belgrade played an important role in the Balkans, because ‘stable Balkans means stable EU.'” (translated from Politika)