“The Croatian Association of Economists have organized the 25th Symposium of the ‘Croatian Economic Policy in 2017’ from November 8-10 in Opatija. Croatian President Kolinda Grbar-Kitarovic spoke about the status of Croatia in the international arena.

‘We are stagnant for too long, and other are overtaking us, or we are increasingly moving away.’ said the president who is openly denouncing all the bad indicators in the economy and society.

Croatia has one of the worst ratios of exports to GDP in Central Europe. We’re look at the export of goods, not services – that ratio is even worse. While we were once developing equally, today we have 85% of the development of Central and Eastern Europe. The rate of an increase in productivity, employment, and GDP between 2013-2016 for Croatia is among the lowest in the EU. We have the lowest rates of work force participation. The share of people at risk of poverty is among the highest in the EU,’ said Grbar-Kitarovic.” (translated from N1)