“‘In 2017 Montenegro achieved one of its most important foreign policy priorities – and that is membership in NATO,’ said (Dusko)Markovic, adding that NATO membership for a short time gave unprecedented new opportunities for the growth of the Montenegrin economy and new employment which confirmed that Montenegrin policy that membership in NATO is not seen as only a matter of security but it is also seen in the economy and development.

Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said this today at a meeting with representatives of the foreign business community in Montenegro, the measures of economic policy 41. The government has yielded exceptional results in economic and development plan in the past year in an specific political environment unfriendly to the government. It was marked by the destruction and intention to compromise any positive policies and results of the government, it was announced today from the Government of Montenegro.

Markovic, addressing the Council of Foreign Investors, said that the government has built immunity to such a political environment and has achieved important that results that have registered in credible international institutions and organizations like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the European Commission. The government is very happy and wants additional stimulus to continue.” (translated from Vijesti)

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