“Prime Minister Andrej Plenković presented an additional statement to go with the Istanbul Convention to the heads of parliamentary parties that support the governing majority. After the meeting, it was said that coalition partners support the ratification and accept an interpretive statement that will be published along with the proposal for ratification.

Croatian Democratic union vice-president Milijan Brkić, who is opposed to the ratification said that differing opinions on the issue within his party are not directed against the Prime Minister of the government and that the Croatian Democratic union will not bring down its own government again. ‘In the Croatian Democratic Union, there are differing opinions and varying stances. I am no more Croatian Democratic Union than those who think differently, nor are they any less. This will surely not destabilize the Croatian Democratic Union. The Croatian Democratic Union is united, but within it, differing opinions exist. Everyone has their own stance on certain things within society,’ he said. Brkić added that ‘only irresponsible people, especially within the Croatian Democratic Union, can think in a manner that this voting is aimed against the government or Andrej Plenković.’ ‘We already did something foolish a year and a half ago, and I hope that was the last time that we bring down our own government,’ said Brkić.” (Voice of Croatia)