“The economy was in the focus of an election debate on POP TV Monday night which saw broad agreement about the rough outlines of economic policies Slovenia should pursue to prosper. Cutting red tape and taxes is on almost everyone’s agenda. On details, however, there are deep-rooted disagreements.

The debate saw the leaders of parties likely to enter parliament quizzed by celebrated entrepreneurs Joc Pečečnik, the boss of gaming company Interblock, Igor Akrapovič, the owner and boss of exhaust maker Akrapovič, Ivo Boscarol, the director of aircraft maker Pipistrel, and Janko Kodila, the boss of food company Kodila.

The businessmen complained about red tape hampering their investment drives, with an ill-fated investment by Pečečnik in a new stadium in Bežigrad, ten years in the making, held up as a particularly prominent example of bureaucracy gone wild.

Several party leaders suggested this was evidence of ‘state capture by bureaucracy.'” (Slovenia Times)