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Norma Miller – Cultural Diplomat at 97 – Visits Ljubljana

At 97 years young, Norma Miller traveled to Slovenia this weekend. Known as the “Queen of Swing”, the visit of this living legend was supported by the US Embassy. She was accompanied by the Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra and sold out the Grand Hotel Union. (Translated from RTVSLO)

DEVELOPING STORY: The Fate of Naser Oric

Naser Oric, 50, awaits the verdict of the state court in Sarajevo as to whether the Bosnian Muslim wartime commander is a war criminal. He is accused of killing Serb prisoners in 1992 in eastern Bosnia. He is seen as a hero by many Bosnian Muslims. In 2006, […]

Sarajevo Airport To Modernize and Expand

  Sarajevo International Airport announced it will undergo upward of $2.28M in renovations. Plans include increasing check in counters from 12 to 15 as well as additional x-ray screening equipment. Officials anticipate this will double airport capacity with an aim to serve over two million passengers per year. […]

US and Russian Envoys to Meet in Belgrade

US Diplomat Kurt Volker, Special Envoy for Ukraine negotiations, and Vladislav Surkov, aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to meet in Belgrade on Saturday, October 7th. Their focus will be to jumpstart negotiations on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and implementation of the Minsk Agreements. Belgrade is seen as […]

Beautiful lakes and rivers with crystal clear water in Plitvice Lakes National Park, CroatiaPhoto:

Nominee to be U.S. Ambassador to Croatia in Senate Hearing

The Nominee to be Ambassador to Croatia W. Robert Kohorst had his Senate on Foreign Relations Committee hearing today. In his statement he confirmed his lack of political or Foreign Service experience, but he did affirm his duty to the U.S. through law and business. He traveled through Croatia […]

Russian MiGs Arrive in SerbiaAl-Jazeera Balkans

Russian MiGs Arrive in Serbia

Russia has delivered all six of the MiG-29s to Serbia after a meeting between then Prime Minister, and current President, Aleksandar Vučić and Russian President Vladimir Putin in March 2017. The MiGs are a gift from Russia to Serbia, but the modernization will still cost Serbia around $210.7 million. Russia […]

Bosnia Going Green

The Green Climate Fund, which was set up in 2010 according United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by 194 countries, has provided $17.3 million for Bosnia and Herzegovina to invest in renewable and green energy. The donation will help shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy create […]

US Donation to Kosovo for Border Protection

(Photo: Ambassador Delawie’s Twitter) The United States Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program in coordination with the Department of Energy (DOE)  has donated a total of $1.1 million to the Kosovo Ministries of Internal Affairs, Finance, Trade and Industry. Furthermore, US Ambassador Greg Delawie reiterated the United States’ commitment to […]

EKIP Scandal Rocks Podgorica

Across Podgorica, the talk of the town is a scandal involving the leadership of EKIP.  The State Prosecutor’s Office has filed a criminal complaint alleging that five leaders within EKIP misappropriated nearly $220,000 for personal gain. Investigators have followed the money trail for over two years with allegations that […]

Pence Tells Thaci to Ratify Border Deal

Photo: Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo The White House says VP Mike Pence has encouraged Kosovo to ratify a border-demarcation deal with Montenegro. Pence met with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci in Washington on September 29, two days after Kosovo’s new prime minister said the Balkan […]