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Charges Dropped Against Dodik

Charges Dropped Against Dodik

The prosecution has dismissed the application brought against the President of the Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik filed by the  Association of Victims and Witnesses of Genocide and the Association of Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa because of “inciting national, racial and religious hatred, discord or intolerance”. The President […]

Who’s Trying to Become Bosnian?Sanjin Djumisic

Who’s Trying to Become Bosnian?

BiH has granted citizenship or given consent for granting citizenship to 428 people from 26 countries in the last seven years. Most permits were issued to people from Croatia – 171 in total, while 42 people from Arab countries were granted citizenship. Most people who apply for BiH […]

Covic in BrusselsPresidency of BiH

Covic in Brussels

“Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Covic met with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani today at the headquarters of the European Parliament, the Office of the Presidency has announced. Covic informed Tajani on the progress of BiH on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration. He stressed on […]

Macedonia Celebrates IMRO FoundingVoA

Macedonia Celebrates IMRO Founding

 “Macedonia marks the Day of the Macedonian Revolution on October 23rd for the day when the Macedonian Internal Revolutionary Organization (IMRO) was founded in 1893 in Thessaloniki. A government delegation comprised of ministers Robert Algjozovski and Zoran Sapuric laid wreaths at the Goce Delcev monument in City Park […]

Agrokor: Arrest Warrant for Ivica TodoricPhoto: N1

Agrokor: Arrest Warrant for Ivica Todoric

“The County State Attorney’s Office issued a European arrest warrant for Ivica Todoric to bring him in for remand while he is under investigation, but he is currently not in custody.” (translated from Vecernji List)

Dacic to Attend OSCE Mediterranean ConferencePhoto: European Western Balkans

Dacic to Attend OSCE Mediterranean Conference

“First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic will participate at the OSCE Mediterranean Conference, the most important gathering within the Italian Chairmanship of the Contact Group for Cooperation with Mediterranean Partners, to be held in Palermo on 23-25 October. The main theme of this […]

Hoyt Yee Slams Serbia’s Double DealingPhoto: Ekonomia Online

Hoyt Yee Slams Serbia’s Double Dealing

“Senior State Department Official Hoyt Brian Yee said that the US does not understand why the personnel of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center should receive diplomatic immunity.He pointed out that this was not a norm in the international community. ‘Why is Russia asking for it, why is it putting […]

Wesley Clark Wants to See Serbia in NATO

Wesley Clark Wants to See Serbia in NATO

“Retired Commander of NATO forces for Europe, Wesley Clark, hopes that Serbia will look up to Montenegro when it comes to NATO integration. In an interview for Podgorica’s daily “Dnevne novine” Clark said that Montenegro “is the cleanest example of values such as stability, rising above conflicts in […]

Kosovo Local Election ResultsVoA

Kosovo Local Election Results

“It is already clear which municipalities will go to a runoff, and between which parties. The CEC is constantly publishing the results for municipal elections. The Self-Determination Movement took 32.81% while the Democratic League of Kosovo took 28.54% in the capital, Pristina, for assembly. The difference between mayoral […]

Srpska Lista Take 9/10 MunicipalitiesViewKosova

Srpska Lista Take 9/10 Municipalities

“According to the Serb List and the preliminary results, its leader and candidate for mayor of northern Kosovska Mitrovica Goran Rakic has also won convincingly. “There will be a runoff, but in four years,” said Rakic. Serb List representatives told RTV Pink that Rakic won 80 percent of […]