“The Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ivan Brajovic, said it will on Friday announce presidential elections.

Brajovic said this after consultations with leaders of political parties.

The consultation was attended by leaders of DPS Milo Djukanovic, Force Nazif Cungu, the Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA) Mehmet Zenka, the Liberal Party (LP), Andrija Popovic and Croatian Civil Initiative (HGI) Mary Vučinović.

Brajovic said that the meeting attended by ‘all relevant entities.’ They talked, he said, about the presidential election and agreed that it will conduct a positive campaign, and that in no way will contribute to tensions.
Brajovic said that citizens know how to distinguish truth from lies.

‘The absence of the opposition shows that they have internal problems. They can’t even gather themselves at the same table,’ said Brajovic.

The representatives of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Front (DF), the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Socialist People’s Party (SNP), Demos and URE announced earlier that it will not attend the meeting.” (translated from Crna.Gora)