Make America Great Again was for Macedonian Americans Too

by Marija Georgievski

“I was suggesting we bomb Belgrade. I was suggesting that we send American Pilots and blow up all the bridges on the Drina. I was suggesting we take out his oil supply. I was suggesting very specific action”, said then Senator Joe Biden, who was a long-time member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and also at one point it’s Chair. Then Senator Biden was not hesitant to quickly take sides when the Bosnian War broke out and again during the Kosovo Conflict. If one needs an example of a War Mongering US Politician instigating conflict in the Balkan Region, look no further than Joe Biden.

In fact, Biden was a big supporter of the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. He, along with Senator John McCain called on President Bill Clinton to use force and ground troops against Yugoslavia. When it comes to the Kosovo War specifically, many in the Balkans, especially Macedonians, felt this conflict could have been prevented and was a big mistake taken by the United States. The rush to take sides on behalf of the USA and NATO lead to great destruction including destroying villages, displacing families and the unnecessary loss of many lives. This also resulted in many Kosovo refugees in Macedonia and results are felt still to this day. Macedonia, a small country geographically with a population of around 2 million people, was not prepared to handle that many Refugees.

Macedonians didn’t care for the Obama Era Foreign Policy either. As an American, it was really disappointing that when the 9/30/2018 referendum vote  (which was a vote on whether the citizens wanted to change Macedonia’s name to get into NATO and the EU) fell far below the Constitutional requirement, the previous US Ambassador (an Obama pick) chose instead to celebrate it’s “victory”.

Unfortunately, in 2016 for Hillary Clinton and now in 2020 for Joe Biden, Macedonian Americans have good memories.

In fact, many Macedonian Americans who came to the United States came to flee the oppression of communism and socialism, not to bring it back.  What we are seeing happening today with the radical left – the rioting and destroying private property, tearing down of statues and the attempt at changing history is all too familiar for all Americans who previously suffered under a communist or socialist state. The mob says they are calling for freedom, but what they are really calling for is to destroy America.

Take freedom of religion. During the lockdowns in some states you could not go to church. In Macedonia under the communist state, if someone was in the Communist Party they were forbidden from going to church or baptizing their kids. It was not uncommon for families who were Communist Party members to hold late night Christenings by a priest in their house in secret.

Take freedom of speech. Today in America, it is too common where without the right to express what you think, you have no rights at all, unless something you says offends someone. Several Trump supporters across the country are still to this day afraid to display their Trump yard signs or wear a MAGA hat for fear of the mob and they have real reasons to feel this way. The attempt at censorship has simply gotten out of control by the hands of the radical left and too many politicians just aren’t willing to call them out on it. In the communist days of Yugoslavia, if you spoke out against the government, they threw you in jail. Today in America, if you speak out against the mob, they will try to destroy you.

Take freedom of private property, healthcare, the banking system or regulations on business and I can give you countless examples of how little by little the radical left wing of the Democratic Party is trying to infuse government control over so many parts of our lives. Even though no one is saying Joe Biden is a socialist or a communist, the ultra-left wing of his party is exhorting way too much influence on his campaign and his pick for VP, Kamala Harris, demonstrates his willingness to appease the progressive agenda primarily because she has been known as one of the most liberal members of the Senate. In addition, some members of the “Squad” have been helping campaign for Biden and there have been reports that they are trying to weigh in on his cabinet picks.

On the flip side, you may not like his personality but take at the look at everything Trump has accomplished these last three-and-a-half years. At last, someone was willing to stand up against illegal immigration, sex and drug trafficking, and destroy ISIS. For the first time in a long time there have been no wars. Trump rebuilt the American military, making it stronger than ever. He lowered taxes and got rid of the individual mandate of Obamacare which was terrible. The stock market has maintained unbelievable performance and confidence in business was brought back. Trump called out NATO members for not paying their fair share. We got out of the catastrophic Iran deal, Paris Climate Accord and NAFTA. We got three Supreme Court Justices and approximately 300 Federal Judges confirmed. I could go on and on.

The American people and the Macedonian American people look at what Trump has accomplished. They don’t care that he is unfiltered and in fact they like it. We definitely don’t want the foreign policy of Bill (and Hillary) Clinton, the American policy of Barack Obama, or the radical policy of the far-left wing of the Democratic Party today. We just want our freedom and that is why we are voting Trump 2020.

Marija Georgievski is the founder of Macedonian Americans for Trump.

The opinions expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Balkan Insider.

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