“It is market day in Kamenica and at its entrance are heard Albanian music sounds.

A few meters away, an elderly lady from the Serb community sells dairy products, reports KTV.

It is one of the municipalities that has a common market for all its inhabitants. But people who are on the market are mostly middle-aged or deferred and new municipal leaders, the multi-minded spirit, are trying to install it at younger ages.

This is aimed at bringing together Albanian, Serb and other community students by building common school buildings.

At present, in the (Serb) Desanka Maksimovic school, Serb primary, secondary, and technical school students learn together.

One of the students in this school was also the deputy mayor of the municipality, Bojan Stamenkovic, who says they are aiming to bring together Albanian and Serbian students, and other communities.

‘Children do not have the burden of the past,’ says President Qendron Kastrati, who sees his initiative as an important step in improving inter-ethnic relations.

The school buildings for Kosovar Albanian students is directly next to the one for Kosovar Serb students, who have also come together in different activities, but it is now intended to go a step further.” (translated from Koha Dritore)