“At the age of 111, the oldest Slovene, Nikolaj Dragoš, died. The former policeman, born on August 27, 1907, was the oldest male resident of Slovenia of all time and one of only three ‘superstitions’ in Slovenian history.

Dragoš died on Saturday, March 31st, from the Pensioners’ Association Vižmarje Brod. He waited 110 years and 216 days, making him the oldest male resident of Slovenia ever. Only two women have lived to the year 110, Marija Vencelj Maggi and Katarina Marinič, who died in 2010 at the age of 110 and 307 days.

Dragoš was born in the Bela Krajina village of Griblje. After the Second World War, he got a job as a worker of the People’s Militia and worked until retirement in the Internal Affairs Administration. He married at 40 years old and had a son and daughter. His 110th birthday was celebrated last year at the Polish unit of the Ljubljana Center of Retirees Center, where the President of the Republic, Borut Pahor, congratulated the celebration. At the celebration, he joined the team with a tamburitza for some songs, playing for him on his honorable birthday. Nikolaj Dragoš wrote poems until recently, and in autobiography in the year 100.” (translated from Vecer)