“A first reading of the results of the referendum in Macedonia shows that Zoan Zaev did not eventually convince his audience and lead citizens to the polls to vote in favour of the Euro-Atlantic course of the country.

The nearly 37% of the voters who went to cast their votes at the referendum, in no way can it satisfy the Zaev government and the defenders of the Prespa Agreement. A percentage at least close to 50% would allow the Macedonian government to use it in the consultations about the Constitutional Review, which is the prerequisite for the implementation of the Agreement.

But because numbers almost always tell the truth, let’s analyze them. About 650 000 thousand people voted in the referendum, with a total of 1.8 million voters registered, and the percentage of those who voted ‘YES’ to be over 90% or nearly 580 000 thousand people.” (Nezavisen)