• Defense Minister of Montenegro to the US Predrag Boskosvic was in Maine on Tuesday meeting with Governor Janet Mills and Major General Douglas Parnham of the Maine National Guard to discuss US-BiH relations. 
  • The US Embassy in Kosovo released a statement urging Kosovo to appoint ten representatives to the Central Election Commission nearly after a year.
  • US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Eric George Nelson met key officials of Republika Srpska including President Zeljka Cvijanovic on Tuesday.
  • One Step Further: A week before the 70th anniversary of NATO, Norway has ratified North Macedonia’s NATO Accession Protocol.
  • European Voting Alert: Slovenia Parliamentary vows to end voting tor the European Parliament for vote.
  • Bosnian Minister of Interior Dragan Mektic has submitted paperwork to the president over Croatia’s alleged plot to hide guns in Bosnian mosques.
  • Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says that the exercises with NATO and Russia defend Serbia’s foreign policy, according to N1.
  • Koha Dritore: Deputy Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj says that the 100% tariff may be killing a deal with Serbia in 2019 and has negatively affected relations with allies.
  • Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Interior Milan Radojevic submitted a complaint of how the arrest of Serbian politician Marko Djuric occurred in North Mitrovica last year and will be investigated. 
  • The BiH Prime Minister Denis Zvizdic met with Ambassadors from Islamic countries on Tuesday.
  •  Activists from across Belgrade protested the killing of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. 
  • There are three scenarios to implement the Law on Languages in North Macedonia: (1) All institutions to hire a translator. (2)All translators to be employed in the Agency and the Agency to conduct translations. (3) To sign translation agreements with private companies.
  • Slovenia and North Macedonia’s economic ministers met and discussed the current trade situation between the two countries.
  • Justice: “A Serbian appeals court has overturned a one-year prison sentence for the widow of former strongman Slobodan Milosevic and ordered a retrial.” – AP


  • FAKE NEWS!: Facebook has suspended accounts from Russia, Iran, Kosovo and North Macdonia.
  • Montenegro is being targeted by England for racist behavior from fans in a European Qualifying soccer match.
  • Swagger: “SLOVENIA IS THE MOST UNDER-RATED COUNTRY IN EUROPE“:For reasons we cannot fathom, Slovenia remains one of the most under-rated European countries.  Slovenia was one of the first nations to break away from the former Yugoslavia.  The story of how this little country of just 2,000,000 citizens was able to leave communist Yugoslavia bears telling.”
  • Read Bosnian star Miraelm Pjanic’s exclusive interview with the Sarajevo Times here.