• Bosnia Moves Forward With EU Accession: “The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has completed a process of responding to additional 655 questions from the European Commission’s Questionnaire, was confirmed by BiH’s Prime Minister Denis Zvizdic here on Monday.”


  • ICMY: via Tea Ivanovic in Oslobdjenje: “Zoran Kesić: Balkan politicians swim in a sea of hatred“: The material was familiar to the audience in the First Congregational Unit in downtown Washington D.C. most of who watch his popular late night show “24 minutes with Zoran Kesić”. He didn’t spare Serbian leaders, but he also directed his original and thought-provoking style of humor at politicians from neighboring countries. One of the “songs” he performed at last night’s show was about Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a humorous nod to the country’s complicated post-Dayton political system with complex layers of regional governments and political authority.It was the 42-year-old’s first professional tour in the United States, but also the first time he visited North America. Kesić spent two weeks performing in four cities: Chicago, New York, Boston, and Washington D.C.He is mostly known for his political commentary and satire, and often comments on the Serbian government and its politicians, including skits about President Aleksandar Vučić.”
  • The Daily Signal by Nolan Peterson , “You Saved Us’: In an Era of New Threats, Kosovo’s Pro-American Culture Continues
  • N1: UN experts call on Croatia to stop violations of women’s reproductive rights”:”The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights asked Croatia to urgently take action to prevent violation of women’s sexual and reproductive rights, after the local non-governmental organisation Roda reported violations of women’s reproductive rights based on testimonies of numerous women who had painful experiences at Croatia’s hospitals.”
  • Don’t expect Starbucks in  Croatia.
  • Serb mathematicians won five awards! Congrats!