“The new anti-system party in Slovenia, the List of Marjan Sarec (LMS), is currently leading in polls for the country’s late-May or early-June parliamentary elections, amid an overall climate of uncertainty.

More than the fear of low voter turnout is the probability that the vote will result in a hung parliament, with the need to once again form a coalition government, according to a poll by Delo, the country’s leading daily.

It essentially confirmed last month’s poll figures, although with variations.

LMS stands at 15.1%, a decrease of 4%; followed by a 12% tie between the main opposition party, SDS, led by former prime minister Janez Jansa; and the Social Democrats (SD).

The SMC party, led by outgoing prime minister Miro Cerar, rose to 8.4% following Cerar’s resignation.” (Ansamed)