“Dear Friend,

Over the weekend, we discovered that EuroBasket.com had labeled Macedonian Basketball Players’, including former NBA player Pero Antic’s nationality as ‘N**** Macedonian-Bulgarian’ — we reacted quickly, and it was changed to ‘FYR Macedonian”’— not pleased but a start. Why would EuroBasket.com care and change our nationality so quickly?

Yesterday, a Macedonian in Germany received a letter in the mail from German authorities labeling her identity as ‘N**** Macedonian,” born in “Ohrid, Republic of N**** Macedonia.’

Today, 11 members of the European Parliament sent a letter to the EU Council President urging the EU Council to grant “N**** Macedonia” a date for accession talks and that “a generation of young Albanians, Bosnians and Herzegovinians, Kosovars, “N**** Macedonians,” Montenegrins and Serbs has grown up with the depressing outlook….”

Immediately after the letter was released to the public, I tweeted to all of the signatories, including two that UMD met with few years back during a Brussels advocacy trip, MEP Charles Tannock (UK) and MEP Tanja Fajon (Slovenia), expressing disappointment at their discriminatory revising of our Macedonian identity — a human rights violation by the EU.” (Medium)