“The U.S. ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawiehas warned the country’s politicians that they will bear ‘specific and harsh consequences’ should their efforts to abolish a new war crimes court succeed.

‘Let me be clear: MPs who support this initiative — and the politicians who lead it, despite their denials — will be subject to specific and harsh consequences should the initiative succeed. They know this; we’ve told them,’ Delawie told reporters in Pristina on January 17.

Meanwhile, parliament put off decision on whether to put forward a vote to scrap legislation on setting up the Special Court, which would try ethnic Albanian guerrillas accused of committing war crimes as they battled Serbian forces in their 1998-99 war.

In December, dozens of Kosovar lawmakers made a failed bid to revoke the law, after war veterans handed in a petition saying the court was ‘biased.'” (RFE/RL)