“U.S. Navy Divers from the Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) in Panama City, Florida recently traveled to Montenegro to provide two weeks of capacity building training to Montenegrin Navy Divers, EOD Technicians, SEALs, and Medics.

This collaboration was instrumental in enhancing the security cooperation between the United States and Montenegro. As DoD Underwater HMA Program Manager Bill Grau remarked, ‘The U.S. Department of Defense’s Humanitarian Mine Action Underwater Explosive Remnants of War Clearance Program is an important part of the U.S. Government’s overall security cooperation strategy. Not only does it improve the safety of the Montenegrin people and visitors, it allows for increased engagement opportunities to expand an enduring partnership between our two countries. This program enhances the operational readiness skills of U.S. Navy and Montenegrin divers, and it helps develop the Montenegrin Navy Underwater Mine Counter Measures (UMCM) program.'” (Shadowspear)

“Prime Minister Duško Marković said that today marks the 100th anniversary of Montenegro’s end of the First World War with shared feelings: as a date of a petition to all these victims, but also as the date after which the name of Montenegro disappeared from the world map.

‘Only one country that has consistently and bravely fought on the side of the victorious forces of Antanta, and was badly killed in that struggle, has remained without a state name and for a long time without meaning in that new Europe. That is why November 11, 1918, in the Montenegrin memory, is the date we deal with shared feelings. The day of the great historical victory of modern Europe, to which Montenegro, with its less than 400,000 inhabitants, has supplied about 20,000 victims – the date of a petition to all these victims. But unfortunately, and the date after which the name of Montenegro disappeared from the world map, the date that reminds us of the tragic injustice done to us by the forces of the Great War winners. There is no similar example – no less land, no major casualties on the winning side of history; but it is not hard to do injustice and cruel punishment against one country and one nation,’ the Prime Minister said in addressing the public on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the end of the First World War.” (translated from Vijesti)

“On 5 November 2018, a team of experts from the World Heritage Centre and IUCN arrived in Montenegro for a joint Advisory mission to the World Heritage property “Durmitor National Park.”

The State Party of Montenegro invited the mission with the objectives to review a potential boundary modification and to assess the overall state of conservation of the World Heritage site. The mission included field visits and meetings with the responsible national and local authorities, as well as civil society organizations. As a conclusion to the site visit, a mission report with recommendations to the State Party will be prepared conjointly by the World Heritage Centre and IUCN in due course.” (UNESCO)