“President Milo Djukanovic awarded Ambassador of the United States of America,Margaret Ann Uyehara, the second rank of the Montenegrin flag, for her services, as well as a remarkable contribution to the improvement of relations between the two countries during her diplomatic mandate in Montenegro.

From the cabinet of the President it was announced that Djukanovic received Uyehara in a farewell visit, expressed his great respect for her engagement during his stay in Montenegro and thanked her for her dedication to the further development of the ties between Montenegro and the United States that had friendly and partnership relations. ” (translated from Vijesti)

“Montenegro and the United States are linked to lasting friendship and partnership, said Prime Minister Dusko Markovic during US Ambassador Margaret Ann Uyehara’s farewell visit with.

Markovic received today Uehara in a farewell visit and assessed that during her mandate Montenegro achieved one of its strategic goals – NATO membership.” (translated from Vijesti)

“Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will stay in Montenegro tomorrow morning and tomorrow. Orban will meet with Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and President Milo Djukanovic.

Orban tomorrow, after the invitation of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, arrives on a two-day official visit to Montenegro. After the solemn welcome, with the highest state honors, the presidents of the government will, as foreseen, talk in four eyes on Tuesday morning.” (translated from RTCG)

“Imagine a country so small that the whole ski-in-the-morning, beach-in-the-afternoon thing is feasible. That’s Montenegro, a country on the Balkan Peninsula, full of natural wonders and beauty and where people are known for their candor, enthusiasm and hospitality.

But when the leader of the democratic free world, Donald Trump, throws our country, into the chaotic news cycle — or under the bus — by calling us “very aggressive” people, we have to stand up for ourselves.
Has Montenegro’s history been perfect? No, but we have tried to persevere, and we need like-minded allies to continue our efforts.
Considering we have a population of only around 600,000, we may seem insignificant to others. But our will and desire to be a responsible member of the international community should be recognized and supported. Surely, NATO will not collapse without Montenegro, but Montenegro might not survive without NATO.” (Full article at CNN)