“Sen. Rand Paul(R-KY) on Wednesday questioned the wisdom of last year’s accession of Montenegro to NATO.

The Kentucky Republican spoke at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee focused on the value of the alliance, and in particular the U.S. role.

‘Really, Montenegro is not France. Macedonia is not England, and I think the question really becomes … does Montenegro actually increase our national security by putting them in NATO or do they possibly increase our strategic risks,’ Paul said.” (Roll Call)

“The Government of Montenegro decided to accept the request of Italy and allow up to 5 migrants to disembark in Montenegro from the ship ‘Dicotti’, the Government tweeted today.The decision on accepting migrants was made unanimously at today’s government session, thus confirming its commitment to the European system of values and readiness to affirm the dignity of people.” (CdM)

“Montenegro has not yet received invitation for the meeting regarding the division of properties of the former Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) on September 13 in Belgrade. The ministry of Defense told so for the RTCG portal.

Namely, at the meeting in Belgrade, representatives of the former republics of the SFRY should open negotiations on the division of property of the former JNA.

‘The Ministry of Defense has not yet received an invitation for the meeting of the Inter-ministerial Working Group for the implementation of Annex A of the Succession Agreement that is to be held in Belgrade on September 13. If and when we receive an invitation, we will form a delegation that will best represent and defend the interests of Montenegro’ states the Ministry.

According to Belgrade media the meeting should identify what military property includes, what is its value and what part of it each former republic requests.” (RTCG)