“The Prime Ministers of Montenegro and Macedonia, Dusko Markovic and Zoran Zaev, agreed on concrete steps for the establishment of the Skopje-Podgorica-Sarajevo airline.

At the Western Balkan summit in Sofia, Markovic agreed on concrete steps in the implementation of a joint Montenegrin-Macedonian-Bosnian-Herzegovinian initiative on the establishment of the airline line on the Skopje-Podgorica-Sarajevo realignment.

From the Government’s Public Relations Service, it was announced that Markovic and Zaev also discussed other development projects of interest to both countries and the region as a whole.

‘Markovic and Zaev also discussed the significance of the International Institute for Sustainable Technologies in South East Europe and on the signing of the corresponding Memorandum of Cooperation,’ the statement said.” (translated from Vijesti.me)

“Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Srdjan Darmanovic held a briefing in Podgorica today for the ambassadors of EU member states. In addition to the ambassadors, Aivo Orav, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, also participated in the briefing.

The meeting was an opportunity to look at the European perspective of Montenegro, with particular reference to the recently published EU Enlargement Strategy, as well as to the importance of the visits of the highest European officials to the Region, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, as well as the European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Johannes Hannah’s policy.

In this context, Minister Darmanović stressed that the Strategy confirms that, despite all the challenges facing the European Union, the policy of enlargement, which is important for the credibility of the Union and for the long-term stability and prosperity of the Western Balkans region, is high on the agenda. (translated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro)