Prime Minister Duško Marković said in an interview with Podgorica-based Dnevne novine daily that Montenegro chose European integration in 2006 and that it made the most notable progress compared to the countries of the region. He added that Montenegro pulled the other countries of the region towards the European Union, stressing that, unlike some of the countries of the region, it has long had no dilemmas about choosing the strategic direction and that it does not allow anyone to place it within any packages. ‘This year, by entering into an intensive process of closing negotiating chapters as the final phase of our EU accession, we will confirm the vision of the Montenegrin authorities from 2006 that membership in the European Union is the best answer to our challenges. We clearly outlined our vision in the referendum and confirmed it through the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. This is another victory of Montenegro and confirmation of the correctness of the vision that Montenegro belongs to the family of European peoples and countries,’ said Prime Minister Duško Marković.” (Government of Montenegro)

“The Montenegrin Parliament earned a net salary of 1.88 million euros ($2,261,263) in the first 11 months of last year. More than 763,000 euros ($917,748) was paid to MPs who were boycotting parliament at the time. (translated from


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