“The Democratic Front (DF) has decided at the presidency to support Mladen Bojanic as a candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

One of the leaders of that alliance, Andrija Mandic, said at a parliament session that Bojanić proposed the so-called civil opposition.

‘The opposition in Montenegro has united, we will have a candidate for which everyone will stand and who will be the future president of Montenegro,’ Mandic said.

He called on candidates who have applied so far to give up their candidature and that, like DF, the strongest opposition subject and who could have a party candidate, has given up his candidacy to support Bojanic.

‘I believe we will find enough strength to bring this important historical decision and the historic mission in democratization of Montenegro to the end,’ Mandic said.” (translated from Vijesti.me)

“Members of the Eighth Contingent of the Army of Montenegro (VCG) in the Resolute Support mission arrived in Afghanistan, where the transfer of duties with the seventh contingent is in progress.

Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic stressed the significance of engaging VCG members in international peacekeeping missions during his departure.

‘Montenegro is showing that it is committed to peace, stability and prosperity on a global level and to make efforts to show that it is an equal ally in the society of the most developed NATO member states,’ Boskovic said.

He stressed that soldiers must always bear in mind that they wear uniforms and characteristics of VCG and that their colleagues, who were previously engaged in the mission, are obligated to respect the highest standards in the performance of assigned assignments.” (translated from Vijesti.me)