“Montenegro has not defined a leading body for migration issues, according to the Draft National Security Strategy, set by the government in late July.

It is stated that this responsibility belongs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in nominal terms.

‘However, there is an overriding need to involve as much as possible the involvement and involvement of other relevant authorities, as well as the strengthening of inter-agency cooperation, in order to establish robust co-ordination structures,’ the document says.” (translated from Vijesti)

“Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić met with representatives of Montenegrin parliamentary parties and cultural institutions, who said that Serbia would always be with their people and for the preservation of their national identity beyond the borders of Serbia.

The Montenegrin delegation forwarded to the Serbian president concerns about the position of the Serbian community in Montenegro and put forward suggestions on ways in which Serbia could help to improve this position.

Vučić said that Serbia would always be with his people and for the preservation of his national identity and beyond the borders of Serbia.

He will add Serbia as much as possible and in accordance with its capabilities to help improve the economic, national and cultural position of the Serbs in Montenegro, while respecting Montenegro and its laws.” (translated from RTCG)