“Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) is supported by 43% of citizens, Democratic Montenegro 21.2, while Democratic Front (DF) 12.6% of citizens, the Center for Democracy and Human Rights’ (CEDEM) research ‘Political public opinion of Montenegro – Presidential elections’ showed.

Research shows: Djukanovic wins in the first round of presidential elections
The most popular politician, as shown by Filip Vujanovic‘s research, with an average score of 3.2, followed by Milo Djukanovic with a score of 2.98, Aleksa Bečić is third with 2.86, Prime Minister Duško Markovic the fourth with an average score of 2.66 and Mladen Bojanic has a score of 2.63, reports portal RTCG.

DPS President Milo Djukanovic is supported by 50.6 percent of citizens, Mladen Bojanic with support of 35.5 percent is second, while Dragin Vuksanovic votes 7.9 percent of respondents, CEDEM research has shown.

CEDEM’s opinion poll showed that Marko Milacic had the support of 2.9 voters, Goran Danilovic 2.1 per cent of the respondents, while Hazbija Kalac and Vasilije milickovic would have support under one per cent of voters. (translated from Crna.Gora)

The cooperation between Montenegro and Cuba on a multilateral plan is good and it is necessary to use the existing modalities for further strengthening of interstate relations, said the newly appointed Ambassador of Cuba, who will perform the duty on a non-resident basis, Gustav Tristo del Todo.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Srdjan Darmanovic received today in the inaugural visit of Todo.

Darmanovic, as announced from the relevant Ministry, wished success in carrying out the diplomatic mission and said that he expects the relations between Montenegro and Cuba to be further enhanced by intensifying contacts at the high and working level.” (translated from Vijesti)