“President Milo Djukanovic said that no one and nothing will turn Montenegro from its path of the European integration. The head of the Montenegrin state says that there are noticeable intentions in creating a perception that Montenegro may not want to achieve a European goal.

‘Unfortunately, we notice that specific political centers are trying to exaggerate the existing problems in order to gain perception that Montenegro doesn’t want to achieve European goal, while at the same time aiming to slow our country down on its way towards the EU. We want to point out that nobody will stop us on our European journey,’ said Đukanović at the Conference of Regional Convention ‘Regional Convention on EU Integrations of Western Balkans.’

These centers, structures or individuals, he said, “obviously do not understand or quickly forget events from the earlier or recent history of this region.”

The road to the EU will not be easy

‘Little Montenegro knew how to survive on a European course in much more difficult circumstances, often keeping in its hands the key to solving problems of regional importance. Everyone today should know: the one who slows down Montenegro, slows down, if not even stops, the Europeanization of the Western The Balkans. The one who leaves the Western Balkans on a non-European track, limits the stability, development and competitiveness of Europe as a whole,’ Djukanovic said.” (RTCG)

“After joining NATO, the Government of Montenegro will promote the values of the Alliance in the Western Balkans through the so- public diplomacy. At the same time, it will work on strengthening the support of the public opinion and presenting the practical benefits of Montenegro’s membership in NATO.

This, among other things, is foreseen in the communication strategy ‘Montenegro’s NATO member for the period until 2020,’ adopted by the government on Thursday. The document states that NATO recognizes the Western Balkans as a strategically important region for the stability of Europe and the entire Euro-Atlantic zone, and that it is committed to intensifying political and practical cooperation in the region.” (translated from Vijesti)