“Trump doesn’t think the country is worth defending. Putin has already tried to destabilize it once—the West can’t let it happen again.

Russia has repeatedly outsmarted the West in recent years, managing to play a weaker hand with remarkable skill. Moscow has finely honed its skills in information warfare and hybrid warfare, relying on methods including pressure diplomacy, fake news, and foreign electoral intervention. Along the way, it has taken parts of Georgia and Ukraine by force and knocked both the United States and Britain down several pegs geopolitically.

Russia is not as powerful as it was in the Soviet era but, thanks to President Vladimir Putin’s strategic thinking, it is now regularly punching above its weight in global affairs. Russia is far more effective than China in kneecapping the West whenever it can, while constantly seeking and frequently finding ways to undermine it.

Most worryingly for the West, the coup de grâce could come in the Balkans, long the stage for Russian competition with the West. No one knows what Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed to in their two-hour private meeting in Helsinki earlier this month. Trump may have handed Putin a list of key marginal congressional races in which he needs Russia to interfere. It’s more likely that they talked about NATO, Crimea, and Ukraine—and that Putin got what he wanted from Trump.” (Foreign Policy)

“Montenegro hopes to attract to the economy of $ 4.8 billion. USA.

Montenegro, which recently became a new member of NATO, since October will offer two thousand passports Montenegrin citizenship to those who invest in the economy of the country from 250 thousand to 400 thousand euros. Also for citizenship offered to pay 100 thousand euros of government fees for a statement, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to ZN.UA

The citizenship program is for three years. During this time the former Yugoslav state plans to attract investments to the economy of $ 4.8 billion. USA.” (Siv Times)

“Montenegro and Serbia do not belong to the Balkans, but to Central Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said.

Speaking at a forum at the 29th Balvanoschi Open University in Bajailla Tusnad in Romania, Orban said he was convinced that Hungary should do everything to make Montenegro and Serbia as members of the European Union as soon as possible, Tanjug writes.

‘The historical interest of Hungary is with Serbia to be in the same political community,’ Orban said, adding that he ‘feels’ that the Serbs have the same attitude, RTV Panon said.

Speaking about other topics, Orban emphasized that every European country has the right to protect its Christian culture and traditional family model, as well as to have the right to refuse immigrants, adds MTI. The Hungarian Prime Minister presented five principles, which he said needed central Europe to occupy a “decent place” in Europe.” (translated from Vijesti)