“The preservation and consolidation of the multinational and multilateral fund, especially in the years when religious and ethnic conflicts occurred in the surroundings, are the greatest values ​​of today’s Montenegro, said Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) presidential candidate Milo Djukanovic in an interview with RTV Luna during a visit to Plava today and Gusinju.

‘I think that is more valuable than what we did in terms of renewing independence and what we have done so far in the area of ​​economic and democratic development. More precisely, there could be no independence and there could be no economic and democratic development that we have not previously shown this ability, to preserve peace and to preserve Montenegro as a multinational community. Here, of course, here we should recall the huge contribution that minority peoples gave to all these achievements of Montenegro in recent political history. Montenegro really remains a unique example, I would not say only in our region, but a unique example in Europe, where minority nations have such a responsible attitude towards the state, according to their state-owned home as the minority peoples of Montenegro,’ Djukanovic said, stressing that Montenegro has shown through the history even today a firm resolve to respect the rights of minorities and build a civil society.” (translated from Vijesti)

“A list of the priority infrastructure projects, worth 2,13 billion EUR ($2.6 billion), was adopted yesterday.

The report from the session says that the list contains eight projects in the area of energy, six projects in the area of traffic, three in  the area of environment, ten in  the area of social activities and nine in the area of other infrastructure.

The use of the hydropower of the river basins and the hydroelectric power plants on Morača and Komarnica are the priority projects in the area of energy, as well as the interconnection Italy and Montenegro – Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, ecological reconstruction of the thermal power plant in Pljevlja, improvement of the efficiency and the energy supply of the tourism regions.” (CDM)