“The agencies for electronic communications of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia have sent a draft agreement to the competent ministries on aligning the prices of roaming in those countries with those in the European Union as of 2018.” (European Western Balkans)

“Montenegro could become a member of the European Union (EU) before 2025 if the Union remains committed to the enlargement policy, said Foreign Minister Srdjan Darmanovic. He added that the EU needs to fight for the Western Balkans.Montenegrin Foreign Minister believes that Montenegro could become an EU member before Juncker’s 2025 date, if the Union remains committed to the enlargement policy. Speaking of attitudes to the region as a bloc should join the EU, Darmanovic said it would be a wrong decision.He believes that such a regional approach given opportunities to third powers and forces in the region to realize their interests. ‘We are not just the ones who have to fight to join the EU. And the EU needs to fight for the Western Balkans,’ said Darmanovic.” (translated from Crna.Gora)

“Prime Minister Dusko Markovic assessed on the occasion of the first year of the Government’s work that the Government was successful, that it had achieved most of its goals, and in some departments more than planned. He noted that these results did not fall from the sky but were the result of a day-to-day work, in the atmosphere of never more aggressive political destruction by opposition parties that have boycotted Parliament’s work. At the beginning of his address, the Prime Minister recalled the key promises from the Exposé, which, as the then Prime Minister-designate, he presented to the MPs and the public.  In terms of the international affirmation of Montenegro, as the most important achievement, he singled out the full membership in the North Atlantic Alliance. We became the 29th member of the NATO, thus ensuring the security of our country, but also creating the preconditions for accelerated economic growth and development. Montenegro has irrevocably tied its future to today’s most powerful military and political alliance and got its seat at the table where decisions are being made – for the first time in its history. Therefore, I highlight this event as the most important achievement in the first year of the work of the Government, PM Markovic said.”(Full report in English available at Government of Montenegro)

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