“Montenegro and Croatia have resolved almost all of their differences more than two decades after fighting a war, except for one: a dispute over an 85-year-old former Royal Yugoslav Navy training ship.

The majestic sailing vessel called Jadran, or the Adriatic, is currently part of the Montenegrin naval fleet based in the port of Tivat. Croatia is demanding the return of the tall ship, which Montenegro adamantly refuses to do.

The disagreement is so serious that Croatia is threatening to block Montenegro’s efforts to join the European Union, and it’s also reviving old tensions.” (Washington Post)

“NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told me he reassured Montenegro after President Trump publicly questioned whether it was worth it for the United States to defend the tiny NATO ally if an enemy attacked.

‘I have reassured Montenegro,’ Stoltenberg told me in an interview on Friday, ‘and I also know that the United States has clearly stated that they are fully committed to Article 5 and NATO and the collective defense.'” (Axios)

“The German Ministry of Defence has donated six new Mercedes-Benz LAPV Enok light armoured patrol vehicles to the Armed Forces of Montenegro (Vojska Crne Gore, VCG).” (Jane’s 360)

“A tiny Mediterranean country, settled between the borders of ex-Yugoslavia member states, is in the spotlight for its rapid and sustainable growth.

The beautiful blend of stunning mountains and clear sea, combined with an average of 240 sunny days per year, makes Montenegro a destination attractive for tourists, investors and global citizens alike.

Since 2006, when the country gained its independence, many moves towards prosperity have been made. Today, Montenegro is an EU candidate country and just recently it joined NATO as its 29th member state.” (Lex)