“A joint investigation between Bellingcat and The Insider has identified a second GRU officer, who was involved in the 2016 Montenegro coup, as Vladimir Nikolaevich Moiseev.

Two officers from Russia’s military intelligence (GRU) are sought, via Interpol, as suspected organizers of an unsuccessful 2016 coup in Montenegro, a small country on the Adriatic Sea in Southeastern Europe. The true identity of one officer is public, while the other officer is known only under his cover identity. Bellingcat has been able to unmask the real identity of the second suspect indicted by the Montenegro prosecutor, and to confirm that he is indeed a senior GRU officer.

The name of the first Russian officer, Eduard Shishmakov, and his employment with GRU at the time of the events in Montenegro, was confirmed in a series of investigations by Bellingcat and its Russian investigative partner The Insider (read reports here and here).” (Bellingcat)

“Prime Minister Duško Marković congratulated the citizens of Budva tomorrow’s Municipal Day on behalf of the government.

‘Being aware that transport infrastructure is one of the most important preconditions for the development of tourism, in previous years, we reconstructed or built every kilometer from the capital to Budva. Already at this moment in the focus of development of this infrastructure segment is the construction of a boulevard from Tivat to Jazz, road traffic will be improved and a better connection between the capital of tourism with both Montenegrin airports will be ensured,’ reads the Prime Minister’s congratulations.” (translated from Vijesti)

“During a visit to Montenegro, President of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) Eugene Czolij called on the state leaders to help grant Ukraine the NATO membership.

‘Eugene Czolij called on Montenegro, as the newest member of NATO, to support the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, and specifically granting Ukraine the NATO Membership Action Plan,’ the UWC’s press service reported.

In addition, Czolij thanked Montenegro for supporting the territorial integrity of Ukraine and introducing sanctions against Russia. ‘Making reference to the attempted coup in Montenegro during parliamentary elections in 2016 with the participation of Russian forces, the UWC president called on Montenegro to support Ukraine in minimizing the interference of the Russian Federation in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine,’ the UWC noted.” (UNIAN)