“Prime Minister Duško Marković and Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović will host on Friday, 5 October  2018, Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria Karin Kneissl, who is paying an official visit to Montenegro.

Press releases will be following the meetings. ” (Government of Montenegro)

 U.S. service members worked alongside cyber defenders within the Government of Montenegro over the past few weeks to build cyber defense capabilities.

U.S. Cyber Command Airmen, in cooperation with U.S. European Command, have worked closely with NATO ally Montenegro conducting Cyber Defense Security Cooperation to increase interoperability, build partner capacity, and deter malign influence on the democratic processes of our allies, partners and the U.S.

‘Such efforts are important in terms of identifying new risks and better understanding of threats,’ said a spokesperson from the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro. ‘Building trust and transferring knowledge is of great importance to all the allied countries. In this way, we strengthen sovereignty and contribute to the overall cyber defense efforts of the Alliance.'”(United States Air Force)

“‘We have seen this story repeat today in the case of Skripalj in the UK, and in contrast to that, in both Montenegro and Britain, arguments are big as a city. There is no argument that Russian citizens were involved in what was happening in Montenegro and that they were people with the legitimacy of certain state services. I have also given you an answer as to how much we can trust the opposite arguments that are heard on this topic,’ said Djukanovic.” (translated from Vijesti)