“President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic met today in Mostar with a Croat member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Covic, who thanked him for “everything he did for our good relations”.

Vujanovic stressed that these relations are “really extraordinary”, that there are no open issues between the two countries and that there is a lot of space for cooperation.

‘Today, we discussed this cooperation in the field of European integration, we signed the Memorandum of Cooperation, and the appropriate Joint Committee was formed. We are ready to do everything, our experience to transfer and accelerate the European path of BiH, knowing that this is what is interest not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the whole region. We discussed infrastructure issues and its improvement and noted that there is a wide scope for something to be done. I believe that it will continue on these large infrastructure projects to bring our citizens closer, how it would be easier, faster and cheaper to come and to better cooperate the economies. Another great gratitude for the call and the great satisfaction that I am here,’ Vujanovic said.” (translated from Vijesti)