“Prime Minister Duško Markovic said today from Bar that the government will ‘today or tomorrow’ (Tuesday or Wednesday) determine whether Montenegro will follow the example of other European states and ban Russian diplomats.

During his stay in Bar, the Prime Minister, President of the Municipality, Zoran Srzentić, and Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Branimir Gvozdenović, who was at the top of DPS in charge of Bar, came out early in the afternoon among the citizens in Zaljevo, where he visited the construction site of the St. John’s waterworks.

Pointing out that this arrival was ‘not of marketing nature,’ he announced a number of infrastructure projects on that occasion.

To the journalist’s question as to whether the government will  respect the decisions of the European countries that have expelled Russian diplomats, Markovic replied that the State of Montenegro was a member of NATO and ‘the best candidate for EU membership and its next next member,’ and that membership in these processes results and obligations to our country.

‘These obligations stem from the pursuit of European foreign policy, solidarity and partnership with NATO members. What happened in London suggests that responsibility on the Russian side has seen a strong reaction from the international community as a whole, including the United States, the EU, and other countries. Montenegro, as a responsible state and a serious and solid partner, will determine today or tomorrow in relation to this situation,’ Markovic said.” (translated from Vijesti)