“Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic expressed his concern that after the election for the European Parliament in 2019, the climate for the enlargement process could be more unfavorable than it is today.

He pointed out that the only good direction of European politics is the unification of Europe.

‘This is not only a Balkan, but also a European, interest for at least two reasons: the first is stability, the other is the fact that Europe can only be competitive globally if it is united,’ Djukanovic told the Austrian ORF.

He pointed out that China’s capital investments in Southeast Europe is doing what the EU needs.

‘None of us in the Western Balkans can do this alone, it must be supported by European funds and financial institutions. If there is no Europe in the Western Balkans, then everyone else will want to enter the region and we should not be angry with them,’ Djukanovic said.” (translated from Vijesti)