“Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic congratulated September 18th – Niksic Municipal Day to the Presidents of the Municipality and Assembly Veselin Grbovic and Radivoje Nikcevic, the Councilors, all citizens of Niksic and participants of the solemn session.

‘The advancement of modern Montenegro, a NATO member state, a country on a far-reaching road to the EU, a multiethnic community that is an important factor in regional stability, is well reflected in the development and ascent of Niksic. As it has always been in recent Montenegrin history, whenever Niksic, with all its natural and human resources, founded on freedom and anti-fascism, while gaining visible outlines of a modern city, and returning its recognizable good old spirit of cultural, educational and business center, in Niksic, is becoming a novelty of the new technological age in Montenegro, which guarantees a safe and certainly a better future.” (translated from RTCG)