“Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović participated in New York in the open debate of the United Nations Security Council on youth, peace and security.

During his address, Minister Darmanović estimated that youth around the world can make a significant contribution to the maintenance of peace and stability and, in this context, stressed that they need to play an important role in this process and intensively participate in social, political, economic and cultural development.

We must work continuously and diligently at all levels to raise awareness among youth and introduce them with the rights and opportunities that are available to them. Montenegro supports all efforts aimed at addressing the needs and priorities of youth, as well as proposing sustainable solutions to their problems, the Minister said.

He expressed the belief that investment in youth is the best investment for the stability and prosperity of Montenegrin society.

Minister Darmanović has concluded that the issue of youth, peace and security requires joint action, and said that Montenegro will continue to be a reliable partner in efforts to create a space for the contribution of youth to peace and security.

Minister Darmanović also had a separate meeting with President of the General Assembly of the United Nations Miroslav Lajčakin New York.” (Government of Montenegro)