“On the occasion of the establishment of an artillery training field on the eastern side of Mount Sinjajevin, a public tribune was held toldayin Kolašin and Defense Minister Predrag Bošković spoke on a panel. The panel was an opportunity for citizens to get acquainted with accurate information about plans for the polygon and its purpose, given the misinformation on this issue.

Minister Bošković stressed that the polygon will not be used for the construction of the NATO base, nor for the destruction of ammunition, surplus weapons, nor the backlog of unexploded ordnance, which is under the authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He also pointed out that there will be no destruction of biodiversity and water potentials.

He recalled that proper training and execution of regular activities of the Army of Montenegro needed an appropriate training and shooting range and emphasized that such polygons have always existed and that they represent a state interest. He emphasized that the Army always responded to the first call of citizens and municipalities, whenever necessary, as a case of emergency situations. She also took part in the construction of local and local roads and on the most accessible terrain.” (translated from the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro)