“Prime Minister Duško Marković has said, opening the Forum To Be Secure in Budva, that Montenegro is on the irreversible and stable path of future EU member, which we have long been pointing out for, but Balkans region is still ‘unfinished job,’ burdened with problems, therefore, by addressing open issues in the Region, encouraging good trends and implementing reforms, we should take advantage of the recent renewal of interest in this part of the world in both Brussels and Washington.

‘Montenegro is on the irreversible and stable path that has long been drawn without dilemma. But the Balkans region is still ‘unfinished job.’ And the first discussion on this forum, I would say with full justice, is devoted to the Western Balkans and the gap between the problems left behind and the challenges that the modern era has brought. The changed geopolitical situation in which the Balkans once again found a collision of interests, illegal migration, terrorism, rising hybrid threats, economic instability … are just some issues that burden the region. However, it is important to recognize positive trends, to encourage them and to further stimulate them. The EU and NATO accession processes have historically proven and continue to be the main drivers of democratic and reform processes. We are witnessing that there are attempts to undermine the region’s commitment to be part of the European and Euro-Atlantic family. It is therefore important to work on the preservation and full realization of this vision. Every alternative to these processes brings us back and threatens the democratic and civilizational exploits we have made,’ stressed out Prime Minister Duško Marković, addressing the participants of the Eighth Forum To Be Secure – a gathering that convenes every year hundreds of officials, academics and experts from security and foreign policy.” (Presidency of Montenegro)