“The head of the Serbian Government’s Office for Kosovo and Metohija, who spoke publicly for the first time after his arrested in Kosovo on Monday for allegedly entering the territory illegally, said he was proud of the Serb people, who “defended themselves using Gandhi’s methods.”

‘To me those are not police officers,’ he said of the members of Kosovo police who arrested him. ‘That’s a raging terrorist gang. They were sent against unarmed people. That’s disgraceful for them, and for those who kept silent and in that way agreed to it.’

Djuric also described members of Kosovo police as ‘an armed falange’ rather than official persons, and stressed that he was “dragged like a dog” as attempts were made to humiliate him, Serbia, and the Serb nation.

‘They put me in a transporter (vehicle), struck me, attempted to intimidate me, pushed a rifle against my stomach, one of them took out a knife, they took selfies. On the way to Pristina (from Kosovska Mitrovica) they chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’,’ Djuric recounted his ordeal, adding that although he is experiencing pain, he feels good.” (B92)