“Macedonian non-governmental organizations are protesting ongoing talks on the name of their country, accusing Greece of committing ‘human rights violations as well as crimes against humanity, war crimes andgenocide’ against its Macedonian minority since 1913.

In a joint statement Tuesday to Anadolu Agency, Macedonian Human Rights Movement International, the United Macedonian Diaspora, the World Macedonian Congress and the Macedonian Global Coordinative Network slammed Greece and global organizations over the decades-old dispute between Athens and Skopje over the former Yugoslav republic’s name.

The statement — issued by their joint branch office in Geneva — said the Macedonian people can no longer bear the intolerable burden of injustice inflicted upon them by Greece, the United Nations, the European Union and NATO through the ongoing ‘talks’ on the name of their country, which began in 1993.

“What started out as a discussion to ‘settle’ a supposed difference has become 25 years later an attempt to commit a genocide on the Macedonian people, ‘to erase them, their country, their language and their history from the books and maps of the world,’ they said. (Anadolu)