“If a consensus is not reached in the referendum, the institutions will have the final decision. This is the ‘Plan B’  that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has hinted at among the irreconcilably-optimistic announcements of a successful referendum with the support of 910,000 citizens.

“If citizens conclude that the issue is difficult for them, that they are not sufficiently informed, they can decide to stay at home, regardless of political differences. But this is not allowed this time. In such a case, they convey the decision of the institutions, because with all the lawyers, with all the relevant factors in the state, with all that they interpret the Constitution and the laws, it means so. The option has to be voted on or against, but the option to go out or not, will not. We need to go out if we are true patriots’ said Zoran Zaev, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia.” (translated from 24 Vesti)